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  • Kriegerin des Lichts

    Manchmal wächst aus einer scheinbar toten Pflanze ein neuer Trieb. Ich ging den Weg von einer Sub zur Herrin die dann zur Sklavin wurde. Und nun ist die innere Herrin wieder auferstanden. Es...
    • Sefa
    • Fri at 1:41 PM
  • Feeling in virtuality

    Tal Master, Mistress, Honored resident of Gor, sis, bro.Transmit the feeling in virtuality, by avatar or by video (or in mixe)  is very complex. But sometimes ...  I thinks it's po...
  • The importance to do ... nothing or stupidity

    I thinks than for submissives, or slaves and others, it's important to have little moment. Where we are totaly and definitevly crazy ... I do not knows why; and how each cano be crazy. The ...
  • kolar ceremony

    Kolared ceremony audio capture dialog between barbarian and Master.